It’s no longer the war, it’s no longer the budget, it not even education. The hottest conversation as of late is healthcare.

Who should get how much, how much should people pay, who decides on this and who decides on that.

I’m caught somewhere in the middle. I’m not for a single payer system, and not for continued skyrocketing costs for the individuals seeking quality healthcare.

I agree that something dramatic has got to be done to significantly shake up the current system and remove the strangle-hold that the special interests and lobbyists in Washington have over people getting quality and timely care.

That being said, I thought I’d share the latest video from Senator Barney Frank from his recent townhall session in Dartmouth Massachusetts. To say emotions are flying and this is a very polarizing topic would be an understatement.

FYI: I, as seemingly many of the people in the room, agree with Senator Frank as he quickly corrects and then dismisses the young lady at the end with the Hitler references.

I’d love to hear your opinions.

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