Salsa Dance
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Salsa a dance performance of a passionate romance.

Tap, sway and turn, just bring out whatever move you got and give-in to the rhythm that bridged tradition and modern dance moves – the darling of most Latin America’s sexy sensual moves – Salsa. Dances such as mambo, cha-cha-cha, samba, rumba and many others influenced the breaking out of salsa during the 1950’s. Eccentrically beautiful, salsa was born in the multicultural lands of Latin America, with the sexiness and sophistication of the beautiful Latin culture.

Salsa is a sexy flavor of hot chili and red sweet tomatoes on the dance floor. Its sensuality and sophistication entices every one to admire its way of dancing. Passion is the perfect word that defines the music and movement of this dance. It creates an undeniable pull in which people just have to dance and get into the beat. More than a dance, salsa is a lifestyle of passion and sophistication.

Salsa dancing is an expression of emotion and feelings. Every movement from each part of the body gives signals and meanings. Hip swings, foot tap, kick and head turns all creates an alluring message to the dancing partners. Its dancing is about intimate communication through action, in a heart beating rhythmic music. Moreover, intense conversation of body actions from dancing couples gives-off Latino flavor – Salsa – hot and sexy.

Learning how to dance salsa is so rewarding, watching couples spin their way around romance with its Latin beat. Aside from the experience of dancing with fiercely beautiful and sexy men and women, learning salsa is an asset for firming that body into a sexy shape. In addition, it can also serve as a creative fitness routine or work out for people needing a more active lifestyle.

Aesthetically exceptional, the dance movement of salsa which came from the Latin culture is an eye catcher. It leaves a beautiful impression on the dancers doing the dance moves. A sexy, desirable and beautiful woman can suddenly become the most beautiful woman on the dance floor. The secret is to know how to move and sway perfectly with the beat, execute perfect sexy motions and accentuate the sensual interplay between partners.

Latin dances such as salsa are expected to be an eye candy. It can instantly attract all kinds of people with its universal language, the body language. Dancers speaking in the language of the body easily leaves off impressions of sophistication and elegance. A woman moving in a beat and rhythm of salsa can make herself the most beautiful on the dance floor while the man partner of the woman becomes the gentleman on the dance floor. It’s just a matter of performance.

Actually, learning how to dance salsa is not a backbreaking activity. There are already various means to learn its basic moves. Simple steps and hip swings and others can now be easily acquired from tutorial dance videos over the internet. In fact, it is so easy to download.

Also, movements should give a free flowing aesthetic of natural feeling and beauty, which includes passionate and sensual movements. Salsa is a dance that requires much feeling, emotion and passion. It is a performance of romance put into a dance guided by natural rhythms and beat.

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