Same drink flavors, but a fancy new dispenser.

“Coca-Cola Freestyle brings to life the refreshingly positive outlook that has always been associated with Coca-Cola,” said Chandra Stephens-Albright, Senior Director of Marketing and Business Development for the brand. “It brings back the magic of the fountain of the past, re-imagines it for the future and then takes it a step farther by celebrating the idea that consumers can truly have their say at fountain — with choices tailored completely for them.”

The Coca-Cola Freestyle dispenser uses proprietary PurePour Technology™ to make dozens of branded beverages fresh to order, in the same amount of space as the current eight-valve machine.

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Here is a video tour of the new Freestyle Fountain is given by Steve Devon, Vice President over at software engineering company Bsquare which, was partially responsible for helping bring the new soda fountain to life. Listen to Steve as he gives a demo of how the Freestyle operates using its Windows CE based, touch screen interface and then discusses how the new fountain is networked making this one pretty cool drink machine.

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