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Big Ben House Of Cards Destroyed

Renowned card stacker Bryan Berg spent days building a miniature version of the Houses of Parliament with the tower of Big Ben standing tall in a Las Vegas casino.

Betfair had commissioned Guinness World Record holder Mr Berg to create the outstanding sculpture to mark the 3rd year of the World Series of Poker Europe, taking place in London this September.

But as two men came to congratulate the artist, one of the well wishers pushed his friend into the tower causing the cards to come crashing down.

Mr Berg looked on as the horrified man picked himself up and surveyed the wrecked sculpture.

It is believed the stunt, which was captured on camera, was staged by Mr Berg and a friend as a practical joke.

A spokesman for Befair said: “The creation, using no glue, tape or camera tricks but after forty hours of painstaking work the sculpture was demolished in traditional card stacker style leaving the London landmark in tatters.”[via]

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