DereonThere have been a lot of rappers, singers, and actors that started a clothing line. But few have delivered the class and sensuality found in the Dereon Clothing line. Beyonce Knowles founded House of Dereon clothing in 2006 with the help of her mother Tina Knowles. Tina, a talented seamstress, is responsible for most of the styles that Beyonce wears.

Dereon Clothing - Sexy Chic Urban Wear 1It was the buzz surrounding Tina Knowles’ original creations that sparked interest in the clothing Destiny’s Child wore in their music videos and public appearances that caused Beyonce and Tina to see the potential of creating their own fashion brand. Part of the inspiration and the name for the brand comes from Agnez Dereon, the grandmother of Beyonce. Agnez custom tailored pieces for private clients in Louisiana during her life and became well known for eye-catching designs, which often included lace and beads. The House of Dereon jeans, tops and other items take elements from three generations: Agnez’s era in the 40s, Tina’s era in the 70s and the contemporary era of Beyonce.

The elements of Beyonce’s Creole ancestry and the mix of retro and vintage styles incorporated with modern hip hop influences make for a one of a kind line that has quickly resonated with fans and received acclaim from fashion critics. These days Beyonce and her sister, Solange, model Dereon clothing, but Beyonce is more than just a model. She also assists and contributes design ideas to the items featured at the House of Dereon.

Women of all ages can wear Dereon Jeans, but the Dereon Curvelicious line is for plus size women. Part of the appeal of the Curvelicious line is the wide range of jeans that are designed to fit curvier bottoms and hips. The junior line features more moderately priced items for a younger age group.

Boot cut and skinny jeans, printed and baby doll tops, cropped denim jackets, hoodies, pencil skirts and jumpsuits are included in Dereon clothing, along with handbags, sunglasses, hats and active wear. A signature look is created with bright colors, patterns, and luxury materials

Dereon shoes are multi-toned and ultra feminine, with sneakers, sandals, boots, and stilettos included. Items in the line are affordable for most consumers and are cheaper than designer items found in other top brands. According to Tina Knowles, it was important to keep the prices reasonable for consumers while ensuring quality, luxury, and the couture touch. So if you are looking for a hot new style to take to the street, take a look at Dereon clothing.

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