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It is undeniable that paintball has already grown to be a popular sport. Since it was first introduced in the seventies, it has swiftly become a competitive, professional sport that can be done indoors or outdoors. Contrary to the common notion, it is actually one of the safest sports, as confirmed by insurance statistics.

At times, paintball guns are referred to as markers. The pump action gun that still needs manual cocking was the most conventional version. Using this type of gun, the game will be much slower.

Other versions of paintball guns that have been introduced are the automatic, semi-automatic, sniper rifles and electronic guns. You can get them in camouflage or in different colors. The barrels of these guns are also elongated, further increasing the accuracy of their shooting.

Manufacturing of military replicas have also been started by several paintball gun manufacturers. Because of its accuracy, weight, speed, rate of fire, and gas usage, a military replica is perfectly suited for a real combatant.

For semi-automatic and automatic paintball guns, their strength is in their triggers that are highly sensitive, making them ideal for serious players. Aside from that, their fast speed is also an advantage. A cheaper alternative may also be chosen for beginners as long as it has an upgrade capability and cosmetic add-ons.
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Several paintball guns are designed to allow being upgraded. Some of the upgrades you may want to put in your paintball guns are more triggers, bigger hopper, and more aiming cosmetics. It is also possible to add laser to your paintball gun to increase its accuracy.

Breakthroughs and innovations are not just limited to technology but are also visible in paintball guns. Latest versions of paintball guns now have more accurate velocities, firing modes that can be programmed and even an LCD panel. Yes, you may need to spend more than the usual but once you step foot on the game, you will also be gaining more than the usual.

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