Even Fox News Is Trashing Palin

Liz Trotta, contributing guest on Fox News apparantely is one of the few Fox News and Republicans that isn’t in love with the now ex-Alaskan Governor, Sarah Palin.

Trotta comes right out and says Palin is,”…inarticulate, under-educated…flaky…wacky…”

I’m interested to find out what the ‘higher calling’ Palin referred to as her rationale for stepping down. I, personally, think it is quite simply because she is tired of the political wrangling and wants to go back to the simple, less convoluted life of being a mom, a wife, and a runner (as per the story in Runners World – look below for the photos from that story). There’s nothing wrong with that, and actually quite admirable as she has essentially done what many of us want to do with our work life…and that is tell our boss: Take This Job and Shove It !!”

For the record, Palin will be ceding control of Alaska to Lt. Governor Sean Parnell on 7/26.

Now, on to crazy Ms. Trotta. I’ve had problems with her ever since she made the following remarks during the presidential campaign.

Here are those photos from the Runners World story
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