had their yearly awards show last night.

Jamie Foxx was the host and the he did a fantastic job. I listen to Jamie and his hilarious cast of characters on The Foxxhole on Sirius/XM satellite radio and it was good to see someone like him, who is on top of the entertainment mountain (music, movies, comedy) host a show with so much significance.

Obviously with the untimely passing of Michael Jackson the format of the show was changed to that of a tribute to our fallen icon.

People came from out the woodwork to show respect for Michael. There were ‘A-List’ Hollywood celebrities, there was local, national and international news media. It was literally off the hook to see folks like Don Lemon from CNN on the red carpet interviewing people as they were walking into the venue.

The performances were pretty decent as well. The advertised performances, like Beyonce, Maxwell, the O’Jays, and Soulja Boy were done with pure emotion and a drive for excellance. In fact, I heard an interview prior to the show where Soulja Boy was stating that he knew the significance of THIS night and was going to bring nothing less than his A-game !

Now, the un-advertised performances had me reminiscing and grinning ear -to-ear. When BBD and Guy hit the stage it was all good.

Beyonce – what else needs to be said. She did what Beyonce does (she wins awards and she sings like an angel).

Near the end, the most dramatic moment was when Jamie escorted Janet Jackson on stage to give a brief acknowledgment statement to the fans that she and her family felt the love being showed for her brother. One word…class !

Now, the only problem I did have with the event actually occurred before the show, on the red carpet. I’m no different than anyone else, many reporters and bloggers are wondering what in the hell was up with Joe Jackson when Don Lemon of CNN was talking with him? He couldn’t just speak from his heart, he had to have a lady with a written “statement” say something about the loss of his son, and on top of that, he brought one of his homies with him and was pitching some new blu-ray production company they were starting. Poor taste Joe. Below is that interview, you tell me what you think.

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