At the tender age of 50, the world has lost a giant. Not just in music, not just in acting or entertainment, but also a philanthropist and humanitarian.

I’ve had a bit of personal reflection thinking about what Michael Jackson means to me. I had a red zipper jacket, I wore a white glove back in the day, had a little jheri curl going and all that. But for me it goes back to the music, the dancing and the overall showmanship.

Billie Jean, She’s Outta My Life, Man In The Mirror, Smooth Criminal, Farewell My Summer Love. The list could go on for pages.

Below are 2 of my favorite performances of Michael’s. The first is THE ONE. from the Motown 25th Anniversary where Michael just made the planet stop spinning for 6 minutes so everyone could see him moonwalk across the stage singing Billie Jean.

The second video is a medley he performed at the 1995 MTV Music Awards…classic, timeless, and awesome.

Video 2


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