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Most Popular Car in The U.S. a rate of one car per minute Little Tikes has sold more than 10 million Cozy Coupes since the model was introduced in 1979.

That’s right, the little Tikes Cozy Coupe, with the yellow-top and red body, constructed right there in Hudson, Ohio sold more than 457,000 units in 2008 – more than any other car in America.

“It’s definitely a recession-proof vehicle,” said Rosanne Kubisty, director of marketing for Little Tikes.

Last weekend the toy was inducted into the Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum in Cleveland, joining such gems as a 1940 Lincoln Continental Cabriolet and a 1915 Franklin Roadster. Rakesh Patel, owner of the first Cozy Coupe ever made (his dad was Little Tikes vice president of product development in 1979), loaned his to the display.

Click the link below to go get yours.

Little Tikes

  1. frizzy@Sway Bar Link says

    This a great opportunity to introduce cars to the little ones. Ive been a car enthusiast since high school, and I think this is great for my kid.

  2. Sway Bar Link says

    I will get this car for my little bro, he likes cars and I think he will lvoe to have something like this.

  3. Emmi134 says

    Yes this car has been like a love to us…..i still remember in 80s i and my brother used to drive this 🙂

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