appears that after all the love from across the pond and all the views on YouTube, none of that mattered.

Miss Susan Boyle did not end up the winner of Britain’s Got Talent show. She came in second place behind the ten-person dance crew called “Diversity”.

In the stunning loss, Susan said to the group, “Lads, I wish you all the best.”

I’m certain she’ll still have a successful singing career…somewhere.

Here’s her final performance for all you fans out there. Oh, and get ready, American’s Got Talent is about to hit our airwaves soon.

Below is Diversity’s final performance, which judge Simon Cowell said was “…the only act tonight I’d give a ’10’ to” and “sheer and utter perfection.”

Diversity will perform before the Queen Elizabeth II in the Royal Variety Show and wins 100,000 pounds (about $159,000).



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