Honda CR-Z“2009 Seoul Motor Show,” April 3 at Goyang Korea International Exhibition Center began to become the main theme of environmentally-friendly vehicle.

Seoul Motor Show is the biggest automotive exhibition in Korea, Korea is also the only recognized by the World Association of Automobile Manufacturers International Motor Show. The exhibition set up in 1997, this year is already the 7th.

From eight nations and districts, 158 vehicle exhibitors, encompassing Korea, Germany, the United States, Japan, 17 Chinese enterprises and household vehicles, for example eight nations and districts and 141 auto components enterprises supplies.

Show a total of 23 new forms, encompassing Hyundai Motor and other enterprises in the international launch of the first vehicle part 9, the first time in Asia, the new paragraph 5, as well as the first debut at the Korea form 9.

The large-scale focus of the display are, South Korea, Japan and other vehicle businesses to launch several ecological defence, power keeping, effective new forms, commenced a “green vehicle of the game”, displaying the future development of auto commerce tendencies and direction.

Hyundai Motor in Korea the world’s first hybrid Avante LPI public and quasi-medium-sized hybrid (hybrid charging) fundamental thought motor vehicle HND-4. This motor vehicle is 150 hp largest power, motor 1600cc, with polymer lithium-ion storage battery, a accuse may be practiced up to 64 kilometers. Roof for the solar cubicles assembled panoramic glass, way of heating services will be engendered by power use to a minimum. Kia Motors in addition started the “Forte LPI Hybrid”, Soul and hybrid-type Ceed. Korea GM Daewoo in South Korea the first time a new current inhabitants of GM plug-in hybrid – “Chevrolet Volt”.

The first time become involved the Seoul Motor Show Toyota Motor, in the public displaying auditorium set up a “hybrid zone”, illustrated the hybrid Lexus RX450h and other goods all through the output line, furthermore brandished a Toyota hybrid-type — – third-generation Prius.

Japan’s Honda Motor is also on display in Japan in February this year, the popularity of the introduction of the second generation of hybrid-type models “Insight”, and the concept hybrid sports car-type “CR-Z” and so on.

Seoul Motor Show Organizing Committee Chairman Xu wen introduction, the prevailing scale of the Seoul Motor Show Although not as good as the last, but the subject present a clear-cut at a 10-day present interval, the number of sightseers is looked frontwards to to arrive at 100 million, and engender 1 trillion won (about fifty million yuan) in monetary upshots, trade overseas recital is looked frontwards to to exceed consider 1.2 billion U.S. dollars (about 8 billion yuan).

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