Citi Field, the new New York Mets stadium which will replace Shea Stadium got its new name after a negotiation over naming rights with Citi Bank; netting the team $20 million per year! Not too shabby for a team which is projecting an income of around $400 million over the next twenty years. Delta Airlines also reached an agreement with the Mets organization and has received naming rights for a significant portion of the park, right behind home plate. The new stadium will feature a number of amenities to fans over those offered by Shea Stadium. The new Jackie Robinson Rotunda will be unveiled on Opening Day 2009, greeting visitors to the new home of the Mets. A look at the photos of this planned rotunda reveals an homage to the entrance of the late, lamented Ebbets Field, former home of the Brooklyn Dodgers.

On Opening Day in 2009, you will see the unveiling of the Jackie Robinson Rotunda, which is basically the entrance to the ballpark. You’ll notice when viewing photos that it is almost identical to the entrance of Ebbets Field so many years ago. In fact, once you begin to look over all the benefits that the new stadium has to offer, one of them isn’t increased seating capacity. You’ll find that what used to be a stadium with over 57,000 seats available will now only have around 45,000.

Citi Field will feature some other benefits which are not readily apparent until you visit the park; the seats will be larger for added comfort. One of the best things about Citi Field is that the Mets have committed to stay in Queens until 2049; welcome news to New York baseball fans. It may be a little surprising, but Citi Field nearly didn’t happen so quickly – the city’s lost bid to host the 2012 Olympics paved the way for the New York Mets to build a new stadium. The stadium may not have been built so quickly had this not been the case.

It’s hard to believe that this may have never happened so soon considering the original plans were built around winning the bid to hold the 2012 Olympics. However, everything fell through and eventually opened the door to the Mets organization for a new stadium. Granted, it would have happened anyways, but the timing couldn’t have been better. So take a look at all the images of construction and the computerized blueprint of what the finished product looks like.

Before long, you’ll be able to see Citi Field in person and enjoy all of its amenities. While Shea Stadium will be missed, the memories will live on – and of course, Citi Field will mark a new era for the New York Mets; will you come and be a part of it?

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