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Video is NSFW (unless you can put some headphones on).

Oh my damn !!! This is funny though.

Apparently newcomer in the game, Keri Hilson has gone on record with a bit of a diss against Beyonce and Ciara. This diss comes in the remix of her “Turnin’ Me On” song (check after the break below for the words and the actual song audio).

Well, fans of Ms. Sasha Fierce don’t like that. Check this video.

I shot the sheriff, but wait till i shoot these b*thces……down
now i ain’t tryin to start no mess it just something of my chest…..that i need to get off
cause you turnin me off
ya vision cloudy if you think you the best
you can dance, she can sing but need to move it TO THE LEFT
you need to go have some babies, she needs to sit down she fadin

those other b*tches ain’t even worth my time to talk about
been had dollas boy, go get ya money up
know you ain’t the only homie homie lined up
i ain’t turnin it off, im still turning it on
go head and tell these folks how long i’ve been writing your song
i been putting you on
just check the credits ho
and if you want me you can find me in decatur ho



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