Forget Armani, step up to Vicuna

hollandandsherry Worlds Most Expensive Suit Made of Vicuna WoolNow as a disclaimer, I’m not one to talk since I haven’t bought a new full suit in many many years (back in the J. Riggins days – some of you younger readers may not even recall that establishment).

But for those of you who are wearing the fancy suits to work everyday or for a night on the town and have a handful of extra bucks, check out what Scotland-based fabric weaver and cloth merchant Holland & Sherry is doing.

Holland & Sherry was founded in 1836 and they have the world’s first 100% worsted spun Vicuna fabric. Check this, it costs more than $4000 for a yard of the material.

A vicuña (Vicugna vicugna) grazing near Arequi...
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The Vicuna is an Andean animal that is shy and timid and its wool needs to be shorn only once in 3 years which makes it very exclusive and expensive.

Holland & Sherry has just enough material to make 18 suits and each suit is going to cost more than $50,000. The King of Morocco has just ordered himself a suit.

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