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Obama, straight from the 'hood

Those of us who have read or listened to the audiobook of President Obama‘s Dreams From My Father are aware of this.

One of Obama’s fellow classmates back in high-school was also a bi-racial guy named Ray, and he was always striving to define himself. Ray was a very outspoken young man and used every 4-letter word under the sun.

So what right? Well, the funny thing about the audiobook of Dreams From My Father is that Obama himself read and spoke the recording; that means he said all of Ray’s quotes.

Check out these clips; it’s a kick in the pants to hear the POTUS dropping the f-bomb

  • Complicated: [audio:]
  • Ignorant: [audio:]
  • That Guy: [audio:]
  • Number: [audio:]
  • Fries: [audio:]

Gotta love it !

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