Fender Stratocaster Coffee Table

Fender Coffee Table
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It’s the most iconic image in rock ‘n’ roll: that sleekly contoured and lustily potent electric guitar commonly known as the Strat. With that in mind, two entrepreneurs in Portland, Oregon, have designed a boutique line of furniture based on the Fender Stratocaster and the company’s almost-as-recognizable amps.

The outfit is called Fender Custom Furniture. It is independent from the instrument manufacturing company founded by Leo Fender in Fullerton, Calif., in 1946, but licenses its products through them. Hence the unmistakable detailing on the Deluxe Stratocaster Coffee Table ($750), a 4-foot-long version of the Strat’s solid maple, vintage-finished headstock. The piece, which sits on three chrome-plated legs and is 15 inches high, has six tuning peg caps (made of inlaid steel disks) and silk-screened Fender lettering. For a third the price, there’s the Standard Stratocaster Table, with the same dimensions only composite wood and silk-screened pegs.

The line also includes “hot seats” ($180) in the shape of Fender’s Blackface and Tweed amps. They’re essentially hollow cubes with a cushioned seat that pops up to reveal storage space when you turn a volume knob that’s straight out of the Fender inventory. You can practically hear the reverb. [via]

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