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If you’re an experienced golfer or even a novice golf player you may have heard (or know from experience) that the seven iron is the perfect golf club. This may be true but a close second in many golfers opinions is the five iron. Many consider this golf iron to be a must have in your golf bag. The five iron can be used in a variety of situations and, along with a putter could be the only club you need for an entire course.

The five iron is a versatile club since it is shaped in such a way to provide a good amount of elevation but also a great deal of distance. It can be an ideal club for shots that are between 170 and 200 yards away. A shot with the five iron will provide some loft but not so much as to loose control of the ball. With this club (and some practice) you shouldn’t have a problem planting the ball on the green.

This versatile club can also be used to get you out of sticky situations. While a wedge is a preferred golf club for deep rough, a five iron can be used in rough that is less than four inches. Using this club could save you a stroke by getting the ball on the green, whereas the wedge might just chip the ball onto the fairway and cost you a stroke. Even if you waste a shot with the five iron, chances are you’ll get it closer to the green than with a wedge.

The five iron is also a club that is easy to control since the length of the club has a comfortable feel. It is also a mid to long range golf club depending on your strength and technique. You can also master the reverse C with this club and generate speed that is equal to the pros. To increase the amount of power in your swing, make sure you have a graphite shaft instead of a metal one. Due to the graphites slight flexibility, the club will hit the ball harder.

Once your ball gets to the green the five irons job is over. It isn’t recommended that you use the five for putting since there is a good chance that you’ll overshoot your hole.

Don’t wait until you’re on the course to practice your different uses for the five iron. Go to the driving range and see how the five iron can be used instead of the six or a wedge in short rough.

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