The need to locate a flat panel TV high on a wall sometimes results in a problem with viewing angle. The use of a tilt TV wall mount can solve this problem. By tilting a TV downward, it enables the viewer to enjoy a proper viewing angle.

Often times, owners of big screen flat panel TVs simply leave their TV sitting on a TV stand, which is not the trendy thing to do. With the rise of flat panel TVs over the past several years, so too have we seen the desire to put those TVs up on the wall. By using a tilt TV wall mount, the TV is not only more easily viewable, but also it attains aesthetic qualities that have not previously been possible with home entertainment centers.

Like other types of TV wall mounts, tilt TV wall mounts come with standard equipment in the package. They are made up of a mount that attaches to the wall. These generally have a number of holes that that the mount can appropriately be secured to the wall. There is a complimentary mount or rails that attach to the TV. The components on the TV then mate securely with the unit that is bolted to the wall.

After the wall mount is on the wall, the TV can be properly secured to the wall as well. Often times, it takes two rather strong people to get the TV secured to the wall. After doing so, the TV can be adjusted as the mount allows. If it is tilting TV wall mount, then the TV can be adjusted to varying degrees to meet individual viewing angle requirements.

Tilt TV mounts are adjusted on an axis, which limits the degree of tilt and varies from model to model. Tilt TV mounts require the TV to protrude a little further from the wall than pure flat mounts. This is a necessity because the bottom portion of the TV must tilt in toward the wall and the top portion tilts out and away from the wall. Obviously, this requires some play between the wall and TV.

The tilting function in this type of wall mount is generally limited to it alone. For example, articulating TV mounts cannot adjust on a vertical axis. Additionally, a special tool that is packaged with the tilt TV wall mount is used to make the appropriate tilt alignments.

Consider how your TV will look on the wall when attached to a tilt TV mount. This means taking into account the physical design of the TV to make sure that the TV will no look ugly if sticking out from the wall a few inches. Also, be aware of any design issues with the TV that would affect the degree of tilt available on your wall mount.

You may also find articulating wall mounts, most commonly used with LCD flat screens. This type of mount allows the screen to be variously repositioned at all angles, such as back and forth, left and right. Small CRT televisions can be use with articulating arms that possess a platform to arrange the television.

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