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Green tea and white tea both originate from the eastern country of China. Over the past number of years, green tea has become very popular in the west due to its unique aid to weight loss.


Green and white tea are both seen as great natural remedies, however they are quite different. White tea is plucked form the plan when the leaf only a bud, while green tea is plucked after the leaf has been left to grow and ferment a little. This create a difference in their taste and benefits.

White tea is soon going to be the talk of all weight loss enthusiasts. research has started showing that in many aspects white tea is much more effective than green tea, weight loss in particular.

White tea contains three times more antioxidants than green tea. Antioxidants have a lot of benefits particularly to people trying to lose weight. Antioxidants increase the metabolism rate which in turn lets you lose weight almost without effort. Antioxidants also help kill free radicals in the skin which are responsible for aging.

White tea has a much more mellow and sweet taste as compared to green tea. Its delightful taste alone caused Chinese people to treat it as a delicacy available only to the upper class families. It makes it much easier to stick to a diet that includes white tea as more often than not you won’t be able to wait for your next serving.

White tea contains much less caffeine than green tea, making it an instant healthy drink. It also does away with any caffeine side effects you fear you might have while drinking tea.

White tea has been seen to be more effective against cancer as compared to green tea. This is again due to the higher concentration of antioxidants present in it which can inhibit cancer cells and prevent formation of new ones.

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Green tea has had its days, watch out for a new form of tea taking over the herbal tea arena by storm.

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