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About ninety-nine percent of the time a golfer uses the swing motion. Seems easy enough to swing but to master the correct golf swing, there must be constant repetition of the correct movements. The basic golf books teach everyone the rule to play your drive off the inside of your front foot’s heel.

Generally this is a good thing to keep in mind; however, something that often gets overlooked is the positioning of the golf ball. The golf ball should be hit on the upswing, rather than downswing like an iron. The reason behind this is that woods have a very low angle to the clubface (as opposed to irons), and need a “lift” at impact to create the optimal trajectory.

The best way to improve this is by having someone watch your swing while facing you and try to pinpoint where your swing bottoms out and try to position the ball just after that point. You can also try to video tape yourself to see where your week point is. So here are the steps to follow to perfect your golf swing:

1. Try turning your body around from the left to the right from a fixed pivot.

2. Try to keep your arms at full stretch during your entire swing.

3. Your wrists should break fully back at the top of your golf swing.

4. Try to delay the time when you actually hit the ball until as late in the swing as possible.

5. You have to relax; relaxing is a very important part of this game. So, try to relax and not tighten up any muscle movement above the waist.

6. The golf swing should be considered as a whole swing not just different parts of it. Relax and concentrate on your whole golf swing.

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Implement all the above the steps and you will be the one all your friends envy. But it is important to keep in mind the very last step. You can do all the other steps correctly but if your shot doesnt flow then the proper results wont be achieved.

Keep in mind that the swing is one shot and try not to look at it in pieces. For more tips to improve your golf visit my blog and you will have an unbeatable golf swing.

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