A Dallas school whose girl’s basketball team beat another team 100-0 has apologized, calling its win “shameful” and “a victory without honor.”


The Covenant School of Dallas also asked to forfeit the game against The Dallas Academy, a school that specializes in teaching children with learning problems.

In an article in the Dallas Morning News Thursday, the Dallas Academy’s Athletic Director, Jeremy Civello, said The Covenant team kept its first-string players in the game almost until the end, and didn’t let up until the 100th point in the fourth quarter.

In a statement on its Web page, the board chair and head of The Covenant School said they formally apologized to the other school Thursday morning.

“It is shameful and an embarrassment that this happened,” the statement said. “We humbly apologize.”

The Covenant School also said, “A victory without honor is a great loss.”

Jim Richardson, headmaster at the Dallas Academy, said he accepts the apology and that the two schools remain friends.

The game was played Jan. 13.


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