American Top 40, Billboard, MTV, Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 there is no shortfall in displays that rank euphony. But what to listen?It depends on you.

The American standard by which a song is judged is Billboard, although there is no one true method. Billboard ranks songs based on album sales and the amount of airtime it receives on the radio. They also feature a Hot 100 chart which combines both the sames and airtime. Billboard also places music into categories and has charts such as Billboard Pop, Billboard Country and others, with some crossing over from one chart to another. The Hot 100 premiered the first number one in 1957 and has been active since.

While American Top 40 is entertaining, it is not as definitive as Billboard in how it arrives at its ratings.American Top 40 with Ryan Seacrest is another immensely popular music chart. Originally hosted by Casey Kasem and counting down the top Billboard hits, American Top 40 now counts down songs with the most airplay and based on Mediabase.

Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 is another chart countdown that has been around for a long time. Rick Dees originally hosted the American Top 40 before being replaced with Ryan Seacrest. This is another good chart, but still not as authoritative as Billboard.

There is no shortage of music charts around the world that you can follow. MTV, for example, has charts for best music videos. There are charts for almost every genre. The sheer number of charts to follow can become overwhelming.

As stated before, Billboard has risen to the top of the pack as the respected source for ranking music. Performers are more anxious to be ranked on Billboard than any of the other charts, which only adds to its credibility.

There are music charts that cover music all over the world; charts that are based strictly on listeners votes; charts that are based solely on airplay and some that are based solely on sales.

Deciding which chart is best for you to follow depends on why you are following the charts. If you are following the chart to see how well a song is performing commercially then you will want to follow a chart that ranks according to sales, such as Billboard. If you want to see how well a song performs in terms of radio play then you will want to follow a chart based on airplay such as Billboard or American Top 40.

Regardless of what chart you choose to follow, music and its ranking is all a matter of opinion. A song can be number one or number 100 and if you like it that is all that matters. Unless you have a monetary stake in the songs performance, choosing which chart to follow is much like choosing your music, its all a matter of personal taste.

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