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What is inversion table?

Inversion table is an exercises table that is designed in such a way that your feet is placed higher than your head. Therefore it helps to reduces the negative effects of gravity. These tables put your body upside down so that you feel the opposite effect of the gravity.

Most of the doctors and physical therapist recommended to their patients with back pain. Many doctors and therapist recommended inversion table exercise for these patients.

Inversion tables comes in many different sizes and design.They are also available from many different brands and manufacturers.

Certain design of the table are complicated, big size and difficult to operate. There are some small design that can fit into a small apartment living room.

Some inversion tables could also be used as a workout machine that you can exercise other body parts. The price tag is labeled according to the features and functionality. For examples power inversion tables are more expensive than the manually operated one.

Each of the equipment could only hold certain weight and will last in a limited time. Most of the manufacturers offer limited warranty.

What are other benefits of inversion table?

People with lower back pain find the table to be very effective because the gravity helps to pull the back bone. Consequently it relieves from lower back pain agony.

Older people are especially beneficial from the inversion table exercise. Largely back problems are caused by the aging process. Back pain is largely the effect of gravity constantly pulling down over a long period of time.

Inversion therapy is not new. It has been around for thousands of years.

It is known that inversion table therapy could improve blood circulation, reduce compression fatigue, reduce stress and increase relaxation. It is also used for treatment of stress headaches.

Those who tried this treatment believed that it can increase flexibility in movement for older people and reduce the effects of aging caused by gravity.

Some of the doctors with conventional western medicinal practice are reluctant to prescribe inversion therapy to their patients. However the benefits of inversion therapy is widely known. This therapy could improve posture,ease back pain,improve blood circulation and enhance flexibility.

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