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Youth Sports: Friend or Foe

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Organized youth sports that promote life-long healthy habits are a great alternative to TV and video games. Would you like to see your child off the couch and on the ball field?

Children who exercise are more likely to continue the practice into adulthood. Regular exercise helps children maintain a healthy weight resulting in a positive self image, especially in girls.

Youth sports help children develop friendships with peers that have similar goals and interests. Additionally, these friendships are easily monitored by involved parents and coaches. There is no easier way to know who your child is with and what they are doing!

There is no easier way to monitor who your child is with and what they are doing! Organized sports allow children the opportunity to meet other kids with similar goals and interests. These friendships are almost always supervised by coaches and parents.

Does your child work well with others? Children quickly learn that teamwork is essential to their success. They identify strengths in their peers and find ways to untilize those strengths to acheive their common goal. They learn that it is to their benefit to stop and help a teammate develop a skill and become mentors their peers.

Research has proven that children that participate in organized sports have greater academic success. Additionally, they are less likely to get involved in drugs and alcohol.

Organized sports are a great way for Children to develop important life skills that will have lasting effects both physically,intellectually and socially. Parents, if you want to know where your children are and who their are with, youth sports can make this dream a reality!

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