That is the new catch phrase…a couple years ago it was ‘don’t tase me bro’

Apparently the folks in India have a very strange reality show called ‘Dadagirl’

In this show, according to India-Forums, four daring students revisit the horrors of being bullied on the first day of college by surviving three dadas in three rounds and compete against each other for a winning sum of 50,000 Indian rupee in cash (by today’s conversion that equals about $1,029 US dollars). So not really a ton of cash. The producers of the show, Bindass, the youth entertainment channel in India claim also that it is a test of physical strength, brains and raw courage.

Just from that description, and the prize money, I know I wouldn’t make it on this show.

All that being said, there was a recent episode where one of the contestants was definitely not feeling being bullied and berated by the hostess. Check out the video (all the “action” kicks in about a minute into the clip).

Disclaimer: I’m not aware of the verbal censorship rules in India, there are a couple places where there are a few F-bombs dropped so this is NSFW. Also, I don’t find this behavior amusing, I find it actually shocking, but my job here is to enlighten the masses.

Peace out.



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