love to play. Whether it is the quintessential Barbie for the girl, or the fake tiny fighting figures of sweaty, beefy men for boys, children love their toys. Most of us remember our obsession for Bey Blades. The Bakugan Battle Arena is as popular as that, except for few extra features.

These extra features include twelve, not one, but twelve different types of card games. This game is a combination of fantastic graphics, the mystery of card games, and a lot more dynamism in terms of actions. Although Bakugan originated first in Japan, it has since then traveled to United States of America and Canada also. This game has tremendous demand, and storekeepers are finding it hard to keep it in stock.

This strategic game has players use various Bakugan warriors to battle each other for points. These warriors include Juggernoids, Robatallians, and Fear Rippers. Players can pretend to be their favorite character from the show, and as they play, they gain a better understanding of the character, as well as the cards.

As kids learn to play, they develop strategies to benefit themselves, while blocking their opponents from getting points. This strategic thinking can cross over to other games and situations, as well, making the game a great tool for logical thinking development for kids.

The object of the game is to capture three opponents’ gate cards or defeat all their Bakugan. You do this by rolling or launching it, and then it bursts open to reveal the warrior inside. The walls of the arena prevent the warriors from rolling away, making the game more enjoyable and fast-paced. The game is recommended for ages four and up, and can be up to four players at a time.

Bakugan was developed by Sega Toys and Speen Master, and first released in Japan. After success there and in Canada, it was released in the United States, where the game is continuing its record of success. In fact, many people who enjoy the game are joining leagues to play Bakugan in tournaments. The game is similar to Pokemon or Yugi-Oh, in which players battle or fight against each other for points.

Bakugan Battle Pack game is the hot new toy for this holiday season. Kids love to emulate their favorite television characters, and in this strategy game the whole family can play, they get to do just that. What better way can there be to share interests with your children than by playing a game they love that you’ll enjoy, too?

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