UCLA Undie Run

One of the greatest college traditions in America, the UCLA Undie Run takes place in the middle of the school’s quarterly finals. Thousands of Bruins bare (almost) all and run through campus in a moment of organized rebellion. The event, which was held Wednesday night, is intended to alleviate the pressure that comes with big exams.

Student bodies want to look their best, so underwear sales in Westwood Village spike in the run-up. American Apparel is a popular pick, but it is not the blue-and-gold standard. Victoria’s Secret doubles its business on the big day, and it has better sales figures than on Black Friday (or “Pink Friday,” as they like to call it).

This year, the UCLA Undie Run underwent some changes as administrators tried to make the route safer for students and library windows (which have been broken in the past). By diverting participants to the intramural field instead of climbing toward Powell Library, there was considerable less panty-ing uphill.

An estimated 1,000 people ran this week, slightly less than previous runs. It was a chilly night, after all. As the crowd dispersed, UCLA Dean of Students Robert Naples indicated that things appeared to have gone smoothly.

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