Luxury for Him: Lujo Para El, Luxe Pour LuiLuxury for Him from Loft Publications is a filled to the brim with the most extravagant items literally the world has ever seen.

This stuff is for the big ballers !!!

Everything top-notch from Lurssen yachts, Gulfstream jets, Augusta helicopters, to palace hotels like the Burj Al Arab and the latest Rolls-Royce.

“Luxury can manifest itself in different ways and objects of desire differ from person to person,” the publishers note. “Although the parameters of what is considered to be luxurious vary greatly, luxury items are always of excellent quality and are exclusive limited editions which tend to be the most technologically advanced within their category.”

The categories include Luxury Sailing, Luxury Driving, Luxury Flying, Luxury Destinations and Luxury Moments. “Elegance and distinction have various interpretations, but in all cases, the degree of excellence and quality in the materials and objects is what distinguishes genuine luxury from opulence that is lacking in content.”


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