The Oprah Store is launching online this Friday.

Oprah storeThere’s been a real store since last January located in Chicago across the street from the Harpo Studios, but this site, which will be an expansion of the mini-shop that’s been online for a while, will capture the breadth and scope of the year-old brick and mortar store.

That means that in addition to “O” tee-shirts, coffee mugs and keychains, there will be trendy boutique items and things that Oprah’s discovered and wants to share with viewers.

There’s also one really interesting twist in this new venture. If you ever wanted to really walk in Oprah’s shoes, you might get the chance. The Oprah Store includes a special section called Oprah’s Closet, vintage apparel that Ms. Winfrey actually wore! You can buy her slightly used sweaters, dresses and such, with the proceeds going to Winfrey’s Angel Network, which contributes to a number of projects.


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