Brenden Foster is only 11 years old, but his time to die has come.
No more chemo, no more transfustions, no more treatment…just comfort medications.

In these last days of his life, while returning from a clinic appointment, he saw a homeless encampment. It captured his heart.

He was concerned whether they had food to eat. His mother says he’s always cared deeply about others.

He was once an active little boy, filled with adventure and the hopes of growing up to be a marine photographer. But his leukemia is now taking away his life.

Brenden has one other dying wish – to become an angel to help even more people.

Is it only the dying, or the very young, who can see the defining moment as it really is?

The purest of truth – that there are hungry, suffering people, and even as he is dying, that more importantly, he be concerned for others?