Obama Knows His Technology 1In what could be a sign of things to come, an unnamed staffer was pictured on Election Night showing Vice President-Elect Joe Biden something on a MacBook Air. Biden also appears to be holding an iPhone 3G with a sticker on the back.


Biden was apparently observing something on screen, while President-Elect Barack Obama celebrated in the background with another staffer. The MacBook Air appeared to be connected to a USB 3G network adapter.

The Obama administration could become the most technologically-savvy presidency so far. The President-Elect’s transition team has already put up change.gov, a website developed by Blue State Digital, the same firm that created Obama’s campaign website.

Obama’s administration promises to be the first to include a Chief Technology Officer, and he supports net neutrality.

Obama has been photographed during his campaign using an iPhone. A Newsweek article in Feburary noted that Michelle Obama bought the president-elect and their children each a MacBook, so they could stay in touch during the long campaign. [via]


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