Samsung Instinct

samsung_instinct.jpgEveryone is trying to keep up with Apple and the iPhone. The good folks at Samsung have probably come as close as I’ve seen lately.

With its buttonless face and black monolithic look, the all-touchscreen Instinct is virtually the same weight and size as the iPhone, only about two-tenths of an inch narrower. Most of the expected specs for any 2008 handset are here: 3G, GPS, 2-megapixel camera (with video recording), and full e-mail and web browsing features.

While everything is intuitive and pretty zippy, it’s still not quite as polished as the iPhone. The web browser shows some terribly rough patches, a crude zoom button stands in for the iPhone’s sophisticated “pinch” system. As well, the narrower body trims nearly a half inch off the iPhone’s screen size, which really cramps page size. Even typing on the Instinct can be rocky, as there’s no pop-up indicator to show you what button you’re actually hitting.

Call quality is fair, not great, but music playback is considerably higher fidelity. Battery life is under five hours of talk time.

Click here for the full article at Wired.


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