Counseling and Therapy For the LGBTQ Community

Having some sort of counseling or therapy available for people is an important pillar of modern society. But because of their minority status, people in the LGBTQ community have a particular need for therapists and counselors that have a bit more specific training, or have a mind that further opened to progressive humanity that some clinicians in the past. Specific …

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Odds Of Police Interactions [Infographic]

Did you know that males are considerably more likely than females to drive drunk, speed, and not wear seatbelts? It comes as no surprise they are pulled over and ticketed more often than females, especially when you consider they are also more likely to cause fatal car crashes. Males account for both more traffic stops as well as more street …

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3 Different Uses For Casters

Casters are seemingly everywhere. However, most people go through their lives without noticing they are there. It is safe to say that a wide variety of tasks that many people do on a daily basis would need to be performed completely differently if casters did not exist. A caster is an invention that has become incredibly useful to millions of …

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Tangential Experiences With Addiction

  Addiction doesn’t just affect the addicted. It affects families, communities, children, schools, and hospitals. The results of addiction affect finances and safety of people in the proximity of addictive behaviors. It’s not a small issue, and it doesn’t have small results. That’s why it’s so important to understand the various kinds of experiences that individuals can have with it. …

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3 Ways A Treatment Center Works to Aid Recovery

Nearly 24 million Americans are addicted to some kind of substance, yet less than 10% of them seek treatment each year. While the obstacles between you and getting help are different for each individual, a lack of knowledge about what “rehab” entails can be a huge roadblock. There are common myths surrounding almost every form of drug treatment. Contrary to …

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southern california

Things You Need to Enjoy While in Southern California

Southern California is a world unlike anywhere else. Despite the sunshine and miles and miles of ocean coast, the ocean is not the only thing that Southern California offers to it’s residents and visitors alike. California is diverse in culture which makes any time spent there interesting. When you visit Southern California, you might tire of the traffic pretty quickly, …

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Avoiding Digital Eye Strain [Infographic]

When was the last time you spent the whole day working in the field, using all your muscles until you were exhausted? Chances are you instead spend most days staring at a computer screen while sitting at a desk without moving for hours at a time. There are lots of occupational hazards of being a desk jockey, and digital eye …

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