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How The Earth Will Look In 50 Years [Infographic]

If you plan to be around in 50 years, you may want to do something about that gas guzzler you’re driving. And all that unnecessary meat you’re eating. And all that recyclable stuff you’re throwing into the trash. You get the idea. Americans are eating far more meat these days than they were in 1950, and fossil fuel consumption has …

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5 Pets For People With Specific Needs

There are certain times when you can get a pet simply because you want a certain pet, or because you have a connection with that type of animal. However, there are a number of cases when you’ll have to pick your pet based on specific personal needs or environmental conditions. For example, if you have issues with shedding, allergies to …

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Some Of The Things To Look For In A Family Car

Big decisions require a lot of thought beforehand, especially if they happen to be joint decisions. When you are after a family car there are many things to think about, encompassing more than just the top speed and how well it handles around corners. When children arrive in your life, they won’t care about how economically your car performs, they …

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Entertainment Value Of Virtual Reality [Infographic]

Virtual reality was once relegated to the world of video games, but recent improvements have made it a projected $30 billion a year industry by 2020. But not to worry, it’s not going to be all business. There will be plenty of entertainment applications for both virtual and augmented reality. Before too much longer you will be able to see …

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Major Goals For Major Life Changes

If you’re feeling stuck in a rut personally, professionally, or with regard to relationships, it may be time to evaluate major life changes as a possibility for the resolution of that condition. If you’ve tried minor changes in terms of habit or lifestyle, and they aren’t enough to shake you out of the doldrums, then you’re going to need to …

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Why Each Region Has Its Own Alcohol [Infographic]

Before refrigeration and other modern food preservation techniques, people had limited means of preserving whatever crops were leftover after the harvest. One of the best ways found to preserve the harvest is to ferment it, either making beer or some sort of fermented food such as kimchi. Ancient Egyptians started converting excess barley and hops into beer thousands of years …

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Sugar, Artificial Sweetener and Cancer

It is a common misconception that sugar causes cancer. According to many experts, including the Mayo Clinic and MD Anderson Cancer Center, eating sugar does not directly cause cancer. However, consuming too much sugar does contribute to some of our most debilitating diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes, all of which can put you at increased …

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Wizard World Sacramento! June 17 – 19

Wizard Word – Sacramento – June 17 – 19 For our readers in the Northern California area – if you’re looking for a fun family event this weekend check out the Wizard World Comic Con in Sacramento.  The event runs from Friday June 17 through Sunday June 19, 2016.  Information is ALL OVER the Wizard World site – Why go?  Here’s my …

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