How to Help a Friend with an Addiction

I reckon that many of us are familiar with the idea of addiction. I don’t want to sound cliché, but you really do only have an idea unless you’ve dealt with a loved one who is suffering from addiction. (It should be noted that, even then, you still won’t fully get it if you’re not an addict.) So when people …

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The Biggest Myths In Business (And How To Avoid Them)

Building and maintaining a successful company is never easy. Quite frankly, there are so many different elements to consider, which is why it’s vital to follow a winning blueprint. Unfortunately, there are a number of misconceptions that are costing businesses dearly. Here are five of the most common, and what you can do to stop them impacting your venture. Sometimes, …

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5 Tips For Understanding and Appreciating Weaponry

There’s a lot of fear surrounding the idea of weaponry, especially lately. And the way the media portrays things like shootings, stabbings, and all other types of weapon-based violence, it’s no wonder that a lot of people approach the topic with anxiety. So, one of the best ways to fix that is to learn about weapons, especially from the perspective …

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san antonio snip

San Antonio: Best Kept Secret Of Texas

Unless you’ve spent the majority of your life under a rock, chances are you’ve heard of the Alamo. But do you know anything about the other amazing places to visit in San Antonio, Texas? San Antonio is also home to Market Square, the largest Mexican market and a top 10 outdoor market in the United States. The Alamo draws 2.5 …

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Join the Chain: Blockchain Technology for All

Nowadays, a lot of things are happening to our world – both good and bad. Think about good things like having the opportunity to store your savings on a bank account,  shop online, send online messages to each other, and having the opportunity to vote. Unfortunately, good things can also have their bad sides. Banks can be fraudulent, online shops can be …

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How To Get More Fitness Into Your Day

If you want to be healthy, have energy, and just feel better about yourself, you need to get some physical activity into each and every day, even if it’s just taking the stairs at work. For some people, getting fitness fit into each day can seem like a huge chore. People live such busy lives these days, so it can …

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house party

Party Hacks: How To Make Hosting Guests Simpler

Summer is a great time for hosting barbecues and backyard parties, but sometimes the prep and cleanup can seem onerous, discouraging us from gathering with friends and families. But hosting a party doesn’t have to add hours of work to your life. With a few simple tricks, you can actually host an enjoyable get-together with almost no preparation. Have An …

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Swag Promo Options You’ve Been Ignoring

When it comes to tchotchke items – also known (and easier to pronounce) as promotional swag – the days of tacky lanyards and mouse pads are (mostly) long gone. In our ever-evolving digital age, promotional giveaways generally reflect little more than a forgettable product with your company’s logo slapped on it. While this isn’t a completely useless option to take, …

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